Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max Drop Test

iPhone 12’s ceramic glass shield made headlines during the launch. Apple claims the ceramic shield on top of Corning Gorilla Glass is highly durable and offers extra protection. A new drop test video finally puts this claim to the test. In the drop test, iPhone 12 Pro Max is pitted against Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

‘Phonebuff’s drop test video is here to tell us whether iPhone 12 Pro ceramic sheild is any good. Furthermore, the test will also reveal how Galaxy S21 Ultra stacks up against iPhone 12 Pro. The Galaxy S21 Ultra features a Corning Gorilla Victus Glass. Moving on, the Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a metal camera module as opposed to glass on iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The test involves dropping both the phones from the same height. In the first three rounds, both the smartphones are dropped backward, front-facing, and corner from the same height. Next up, the device is subjected to 10 more drops. Both the phones survived the first two drops without significant damages, However, the screen on Galaxy S21 Ultra cracked while the iPhone 12 Pro Max was untouched.

The video highlights how Galaxy S21 Ultra gets scratched easily even when compared with Galaxy S20. Presumably, the Galaxy S21 Ultra screen cracked due to extra weight and rounded design. However, the Galaxy S21 touchscreen is working just fine despite the crack in the corner. In the third round, both the phones are subjected to 14 additional drops.

As you can see, the iPhone 12 Pro Max clearly outperforms Galaxy S21 Ultra in the drop test. The display on Galaxy S21 Ultra is cracked at multiple places, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max is relatively unscathed.

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