Apple Will Cancel iCloud Account Recovery If You Spam with Too Many Requests

Apple iCloud Account Login

If you forget your iCloud account’s password and want to recover it, please don’t raise repeated requests. According to Apple’s policy, it will cancel the iCloud account recovery process if it sees too many recovery requests from a user.

Forgetting your Apple iCloud account’s password can be quite painful, but you can always raise a request to recover and reset the password to gain access to your iCloud account. However, you should not do silly things like requesting for recovery too many times as the company could see it as an attempt from an illegitimate person trying to hack your account.

Apple says through its support documents that legitimate users should always use the ‘Forgot Apple ID or password?’ feature to recover the password and reset it. And they should try it from an Apple device first. If, for some reason, the process fails or if you don’t have an Apple device handy, you should visit to recover the password. The account recovery procedure is a multi-step process, and once started, it could take several days or longer to complete.

The Cupertino-based company could completely abandon the process if the user fails several attempts to recover and reset the password for the iCloud account. While cancellation on top of an already long process seems unfair, Apple says that it is necessary to stop hackers from accessing your account.

The company also advises users to keep their devices turned off when the recovery is underway. Users can log in to if they can remember the password, and if they are successful, the recovery process is canceled because it is no longer necessary. We recommend iCloud account users to set strong passwords, keep their email IDs and phone numbers updated, and activate the two-factor authentication feature to keep their accounts secure.

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