The FBI Still Has Not Been Able to Unlock Florida Shooter’s iPhone

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The FBI has still not been able to unlock the iPhone of the shooter behind the attack on the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida.

The iPhone in question was damaged which the FBI managed to reconstruct in its labs. However, it has still not been able to unlock the device and access the data stored on it. This was revealed by FBI’s Director Christopher Wray while responding to questions from Republican Matt Gaetz of Florida at the House Judiciary Committee.

Wray confirmed that the FBI is “currently engaged with Apple” in hopes to get better help from them so that the iPhone can be unlocked.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr and President Donald Trump have publicly called out Apple to help the FBI in unlocking the shooter’s iPhone. In fact, President Trump publicly called out Apple on Twitter for not unlocking the shooter’s iPhone. On its part, Apple has already turned over gigabytes of iCloud data of the shooter to the law enforcement agency.

Apple was quick to reject the claim that it did not provide substantive assistance to the FBI in the investigation. The company even issued a statement about this and said that it cannot create a backdoor in its products for law enforcement agencies as it could also be potentially exploited by others.

The Florida shooter was found with two iPhones, iPhone 5 and iPhone 7. The data from the latter can be dumped using advanced tools since there is a known bootrom exploit checkm8 available for it.

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